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Maybe the progress you hoped for is not happening and that feeling of being stuck is just so real.
If you’re anything like me, you have BIG DREAMS and HOPES for your business and life but you can't seem to breakthrough...

You are working so hard but still not getting the results you deserve.
You know you need to make changes but you just can't take the risk.
Do you know that YOU are your biggest obstacle...

Recent neuroscience research has shown that the key to success, starts first by taking back control of your Brain!

Your mental habits and non-conscious biases can hinder your ability to attain your goals and aspirations, in spite of your best efforts.

But, it does not have to be that way!

Are you skeptical about the typical psychology training approaches?

What if you had a place to receive intensive training and guidance that leverages on neuroscience insights to rewire your mind?

A place to gain practical tools and skills for managing your thoughts and belief system to enable you create more resilience, build confidence, increase efficiency and profitability.

A place where you could ask questions about your business and personal life and receive the support from experts and like-minded people.
Somewhere to just let go and be YOURSELF!
A place to be held accountable to BECOME LIMITLESS!

You will learn how to tap into the innate intelligence of your brain and make it work smarter for you - grab opportunities, problem-solving with ease, mental & emotional wellbeing, profitability, creativity, extraordinary effectiveness, less overwhelm, increased calmness with better decision making ability.

The Mindsight Academy
Join our new community of like minded people who want to 'Become Limitless' and achieve extraordinary progress in their business, career AND life.
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Join The Mindsight Academy Today For ONLY £345 per Annum
Look after your mental and emotional health so you can look after your business!

The Time to Take Action and start to live your Dream Life effortlessly is Now!

Stop -  procrastinating/putting tasks off/living with stress.
No More - trading time for money and feeling stuck from lack of progress!
Stop - spending time and money focusing on problems and getting even more frustrated
START - to Rewire and Retrain your Brain so you can focus on solutions and achieve sustained success.
Become Limitless with a simple, easy, straight-forward approach.
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In this brand new training, I'm going to show you how to overcome Limiting Beliefs and Success Barriers, so you can breakthrough your business and career blocks to live a life of no limitations and enjoy a fulfilled life.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and enjoyed many successes but also made quite a few mistakes from which I learnt some very valuable lessons. It is these mistakes that led me to discover the power of the Brain and using evidence from neuroscience to rewire my brain to achieve unprecedented sustained success.

I want to give you the inspiration, motivation, practical tools, skills and accountability needed to take your business or career from where you currently are to where you want to be.

For the past several years, I have been able to help many entrepreneurs, leaders and educators just like you to take their businesses and careers to their next level by applying the skills and strategies that I have created. My goal is to equip you with these skills to become confident, resilient, mentally & emotionally strong, wealthy, happy and fulfilled by upgrading your mindset at a neurological level. 

I have developed the experience, acumen and compassion needed to deliver the step by step instruction, exercises, action plans and guidance needed to help you change your limiting thoughts, beliefs, habits and behaviours, whilst avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes that have cost you so much money and time previously.

I will show you how to immediately start taking effective decisions that will move you closer to a greater quality of life and financial freedom as you train your brain to think like a champion.

I hope you will join my online community of Entrepreneurs and Leaders and get the accountability, motivation and teaching you need to achieve and live an Exceptional Limitless Life.
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Testimonial Headline
“ I attended a business conference with Maureen as a Keynote Speaker - her session was on Wired for Success.
The session unlocked my mind, my thinking, my brain! Suddenly, I looked at my notes at the end of her session and there was the answer - I had mapped out my journey.
Thank you Maureen for a fruitful session.”

Blessing Enakimio

Founder -Blessing By Ble. Luxury Wedding Planner, Event Planner, Party Planner & Event Designer
The way in which you set your mind can enable positive and quick progression within your professional life. This is something that has been achieved due to a positive mind set and gaining training from Maureen. After being mentored by Maureen, and taking part in different trainings, a mind-set which was confident and encouraging was gained and built upon. This in part contributed to being able to progress through the educational career ladder relatively quickly. Salary in the last four years has increased significantly with a move into management in a short space of time. Maureen is an expert in changing mind sets and enabling individuals, as well as groups, to be able to move forward towards a goal.

Jerrelle Karakanna

Maureen Chiana, founder of The Mindsight Academy is a Business,  Leadership, Resilience Mentor and an International Transformation Trainer and Speaker.  I leverage on recent neuroscience research to apply proven methods, practical techniques to help you achieve mental, emotional and financial mastery to enable you remove the obstacles that keep you from achieving your life's goals and dreams. 
The Mindsight Academy
  • 12 Modules Of Video Training - leverages on brain-based strategies to help you achieve mental, emotional and financial mastery that leads to quick transformation for your business and life.
  • Monthly Coaching - with Maureen to answer your questions and provide support and challenge.
  • Exclusive Members Only Resource Centre 
  • Scientifically proven methods, exercises and action plans 
  • Facegroup Group - connect, grow and bloom with other limitless geniuses.
  • Customer Support - we will be there with you every step of the way.
  • Bonus: Business Analysis Development Workbook - our commitment to help you reposition your business.
  • Extra Bonuses - special rewards as you reach milestones...
  • Customer Support - we will be there with you every step of the way.
Inside The Mindsight Academy (TMA) Community
Rewire Your Brain - Accountability - Motivation - Action - Transformation - Live Your Dream Life
A New Module Is Released Each Month
Each month I will release a new module to help and support you in your journey to become limitless and leap to your new level.
We focus on 5 key areas using my NeuroREACT Leadership Shift Framework:
  • Rewire Your Brain: Your quality of results as a leader are determined by the quality of awareness, consciousness and attention that you operate from. Learn how to eliminate limiting beliefs, manage your thoughts and develop creative solutions to complex problems.
  • Emotional Control: Learn how to manage stress, manage emotions and build resilience in your personal and professional life. Learn to manage expectations effectively as people's preconceptions have a significant impact on what they perceive.
  • Adaptability: Learn to be flexible in the face of challenges and change. Turn the uncertainty of change into opportunities to learn and grow by developing a Growth Mindset. You will develop skills to be more effective and respond to unexpected changes. Learn how to break old limiting habits using brain based skills
  • Connection: The neuroscience of positive and productive relationships shows that there is a growing need to improve the way people interact. You will learn to develop more effective communication, collaborations skills to increase your clients, develop effective inter-personal engagement and revenue growth. Learn the five crucial steps for developing, managing and improving client's confidence.
  • Transformation: Learn the ability to balance personal drive to achieve, with your true value. Achieve the standard of excellence to do things better, with the result of exceptional sustained success. Understand your purpose, step out of your comfort zone, use skills such as meditation and mindfulness to train your brain for enhanced attention, effective decision making and problem solving effortlessly. Transform your challenges into opportunities and learn to Soar and Become Limitless.
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Are you ready to change your life and make a difference in your community and the world?
Let's partner together to get your Life-Giving message to the masses.

It's time to get back into the drivers seat of your life, business and career.

Running a business does not have to be lonely.

Stop Striving and Start Thriving!

Join this community and let's have fun rewiring & retraining our brains to be limitless 
and achieve our dreams.

The Mindsight Academy
No Worries. This Training Program Comes With a...
30 Day Money Back. If you don't ABSOLUTELY LOVE this training and notice a significant change, all you have to do is let us know before 30 days from purchase and you will not pay anything, and we will also refund your £1 to you.

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